A wholesale ordering system

Build catalog, generate app, process orders, integrate accounting, manage parties.

Empowering Wholesale

Closebee employs methods and strategies from real world wholesale operations to manage and automate the business.

This, saves time, reduces stress and increases profit margins.


Closebee uses sensible defaults and generative AI for inventory management, catalog creation and ordering functions


Closebee works are a single collective unit but keeps every module separate from each other for separation of roles and effective management


Closebee focuses on self service order collection, aggregation and fulfillment. When sales is effecient and convenient the entire business sustainability falls in line

Wholesale Retail Relationship

  • Closebee connects Wholesale to Retail with a ledger relationship.
  • Order collection, Bill generation, Credit allocation and retrieval, Inventory transfer, almost all functional characteristics are consolidated in the ledger relationship.
  • In addition Closebee also supports models like preferential pricing in a customer relationship for effective margins and service offering.


Closebee pricing is by the number of Retail points you are connecting

The first month is always free for trying out and business validation

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Closebee Technologies is a startup from Bhubaneshwar, India

D/70, Metro Satellite City, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

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